The area has a number of sand quarries
 worked by two main companies Arnold   
 and Sons Ltd. and Garside Ltd. The    
 silica sand found in the area is known
 to geologists as Lower Greensand and  
 the sand is unique in that it ranges  
 from very fine to very coarse andfrom 
 dark to white. Nowadays mechanisation 
 has lessened the hard work needed to  
 mine the sand and has enhanced        
 processing for screening, washing and 
  The excavated sand provides material 
 foe local tile companies but it is    
 also sold throughout the country and  
 exported abroad for special uses such 
 as water filtration. The sands are    
 rather on the coarse side and the     
 glass industry does not depend a great
 deal on L.B. supplies. The building   
 and allied industries are the main    

Map of the area

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