GENERAL SURVEY                        
   The area is predominantly           
 rural,containing many farms,bordered  
 on the north side by the village of   
 Wigginton Bottom and on the south side
 by the villages of Cholesbury and     
 Buckland Common.The area is bisected  
 by only one minor road which links the
 A.41 between Tring and Northchurch    
 with the town of Chesham.The remaining
 roads are little more than country    
 lanes connecting the various farming  
 communities.The western half of the   
 area is relatively high ground and    
 flat,while the eastern half drops     
 quite sharply down towards            
 Northchurch.Here the roads are often  
 steep narrow winding lanes with high  
 hedgerows.The area is mostly a mixture
 of woodland and farmland.Many of the  
 farms are working farms,but some are  
 inhabited by people who work in the   

Map of the area

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