1986 Communications in Corby.

Corby is now Northamptonshire's second 
largest town. It is some 130 km. north 
of London and 95 km. east of Birmingham
between the M1 and M6 junctions and the
A1. A new east-west link, the A1-M1 is 
proposed and this will further benefit 
the town which has had all its major   
roads upgraded in recent years. A new  
railway station to replace the one     
closed by the Beeching Act of 1962 is  
also proposed. At present the nearest  
mainline station is at Kettering, 11 km
south of Corby                         
Within the town there is an adequate   
bus service run by the United Counties 
Bus Company using single and           
double-decker buses. It links the town 
centre with all the estates and serves 
several surrounding villages although  
people complain the rural service is   
poor. Corby also boasts a large number 
of London Hackney Cabs as taxis.       

Map of the area

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