1986 Golden Wonder Crisps, Corby.

Golden Wonder is a household name and  
has an important part of its operations
in Corby. At one time it was the       
largest producer of potato crisps in   
Europe. The company was one of the     
first to arrive in Corby, providing a  
valuable source of female employment on
the Earlstrees industrial estate, in   
Golden Wonder chose Corby for a variety
of reasons-the workers were used to    
shift work, an important consideration 
in 24 hour operations, the geographical
location of the town places it near the
fenlands of East Anglia producing the  
bulk of Britain's potatoes and within a
hondred mile radius of the town there  
is a potential consumer population of  
30 million people.                     
The company has continued to show      
confidence in the town despite a recent
strike by re-investing in the plant.   

Map of the area

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