1986 Hazel and Kings Woods, Corby

In Corby town and country are next to  
each other with none of the sprawling  
edges in between that other towns and  
cities have. Almost in the centre of   
town are three large woodland areas,   
Thoroughsale, King's and Hazel woods   
which give Corby a feeling of space as 
you drive through. These woods are all 
relics of the once Royal Forest of     
Rockingham, a hunting ground of many of
the kings of England.                  
Corby people are proud of their        
woodland and its management so many    
were disconcerted to hear of plans to  
build an hotel in the Hazelwood, by    
Corby District Council. This has caused
much controversy in the town and a     
lively debate has been carried out in  
the columns of the local evening paper,
the Evening Telegraph. It remains to be
seen if the plans will go ahead in the 
face of increasing hostility           

Map of the area

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