1986 Corby's Population

 orby's population is extremely diverse
 nd consists of nationals from over    
twenty five countries. The closure of  
the Clydeside steelworks in the 1930's 
at a similar time to the start of      
Corby's growth led to a large influx of
Scots, predominantly from the Glasgow  
area. Other workers came from          
Yorkshire, notably Sheffield and South 
Wales. At the end of the second world  
war hundreds of refugees arrived, many 
from states annexed by the U.S.S.R. and
which are now part of the eastern bloc.
There is also a large Irish contigent. 
In recent years a number of Vietnamese,
Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis have   
made the town their home although they 
are still very few in number.          
Although many people are now second or 
third generation Corbyites the common  
accent is still Scots and Haggis is    
readily found in the shops.            

Map of the area

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