Our block is a country area,its      
 primary use is farming.The three      
 populated areas are the villages      
 of STANION (pop.973), LITTLE OAKLEY   
 (pop.120) and a small part of CORBY.  
    LITTLE OAKLEY has no shops and no  
 schools,for the village is too small  
 to support either.                    
    In the church in STANION there     
 is a large bone it is called the dun  
 cow bone and there is a legend        
 attached to it (see page 8). There    
 are two shops (Wavy-Line,and V.G.)and 
 two pubs (Cardigan Arms,and the Lord  
    The majority of people who live    
 here work outside the block for there 
 are no industries.The closing of Corby
 Steel Works in 1981 had the effect of 
 making many people redundant.         

Map of the area

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