1986 North Manhood Peninsula

 This is an agricultural area.  The    
 farms are mostly church owned.  Neatly
 kept by the local farmers, with       
 trimmed hedges and tidy fields.  There
 are approimately 0-40 acres of modern 
 aluminium glasshouses, growing        
 lettuce, celery, tomatoes, and other  
 glasshouse crops.  Otherwise the area 
 is mainly arable, with Barley, wheat, 
 potatoes and oil seed rape.  There are
 2 dairy herds, one at Mapsons farm of 
 10 milking cows, and one at Chalders  
 Farm of 400.  This is a very large    
 herd for one single unit.  At Southend
 farm there is a herd of Beef Cattle.  
 Generallly, the land here produces    
 approximately 3 tons per acre of      
 barley, 3-4 tons of wheat, 15-20 tons 
 of potatoes, according to the season. 
 There is a tropical fish farm at      
 wophams Lane,the only one in the      

Map of the area

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