1986 Attitudes.

 There is not enough space for children
 to play outdoor games.There is too    
 many estates and  the houses in them  
 are too close together .It is so      
 cramped  we have to play in the busy  
 roads.We want more commons and greens 
 where children could play much more   
 safely for instance Brill Green and   
 the play area in Bovis estate.We want 
 more football pitches where children  
 can play much more happily and safely 
 with out being in danger.The locality 
 has changed very rapidly.The estates  
 have been built on childrens play     
 areas.Children have very few places to
 play .The main place where children   
 can play sports or outdoor games is   
 Brill Green.Children have not got     
 facilites only patches of grass.      

Map of the area

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