1986 Fathers Homelife.

 Dads Homelife. Our dads get up        
 between 6:15 and 7:30 but some dads   
 tend to be lazy and get up later.     
 Breakfast. The most popular breakfast 
 for dads have tea and eggs on toast   
 and toast on its own and cereal.      
 Travel. To travel to Slough it takes  
 twenty minutes. To London it takes    
 about three quarters of an hour.      
 To travel to Mercury airport it takes 
 about half an hour.                   
 Kind of work. One dad fixes machines  
 and owns four laundrettes.            
 Another dad is a scientist he         
 experements for submarines.           
 And another dad is an overseas        
 developments manager at Mercury.      
 A Typical evening. Most dads watch    
 television and talk.                  
 Bedtimes. Dads go to bed between      
 eleven pm and 12:30.                  

Map of the area

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