1986 General Review

 The area of Cox Green although a      
 suberb of Maidenhead in Berkshire has 
 its own identity. The centre of old   
 Cox Green has now been largely        
 swallowed up by modern housing        
 development. There are four seperate  
 private housing estates, Farmers Way, 
 Ockwells Park, Treesmill and the most 
 recent, Meadowood. Meadowood is now   
 being completed and this should end   
 building in the area. However an area 
 in front of Ockwells Manor is still   
 under some threat.Cox Green has its   
 own shops and community centre. It    
 lacks leisure facilities with no      
 organised open spaces set aside for   
 recreation although there are a large 
 number of children and young people   
 resident in the area.                 

Map of the area

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