1986 Birdham Public Transport

 Birdham is served by the Southdown Bus
 Company.  In effect there is only one 
 service to the village although buses 
 may be numbered 252 or 253. Service   
 252 from Chichester leaves the village
 and travels first to East Wittering   
 and then West Wittering before        
 returning to Birdham and then on to   
 Chichester. The 253 travels the same  
 route but goes to West Wittering      
 before East Wittering.                
 Buses usually leave Chichester at     
 quarter to and quarter past the hour  
 arriving in Birdham at 2 minutes      
 before the hour or half-hour.         
 Buses to Chichester leave 7 minutes   
 before the hour or half-hour and      
 arrive in Chichester 8 minutes after  
 the hour and half-hour.               
 Buses on Sundays and Bank Holidays    
 only run every two hours.             

Map of the area

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