1986 Birdham, Westlands Farm

 Westlands Farm is typical of farms in 
 the area.  It has 130 acres of land   
 ranging from second to fourth grade   
 (near the sea). There are three       
 houses, one which is occupied by the  
 farmer and his family and the other   
 two by families who have nothing to do
 with farming. There are no farm       
 labourers. Work is contracted out to  
 specialists. 100 acres are under the  
 plough and grow wheat only. The       
 variety used is Avalon, short stemmed 
 wheat for grinding into bread flour.  
 Each acre yields between 2 and 3.5    
 tons of grain. Ploughing and          
 harvesting are done by specialist     
 The rest of the farm is for raising   
 steers and sheep, for lambs and wool, 
 and poultry for eggs which are sold at
 the farm.                             

Map of the area

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