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 These are some of the things that we  
 found on a series of visits to the    
 beach. Seaweed. Our beach is mainly   
 sand so that the seaweed that we found
 comes from rocks or the sea bed       
 further out to sea.Some of the seaweed
 that we saw was the bladder wrack.We  
 like to burst the pop bladders which  
 help it float.We also saw pieces of   
 sea belt,sea throng,sea lettuce and   
 serrated wrack.                       
 Seashells. We saw several sorts of    
 shells including a horse mussel,a     
 common basket shell and part of a     
 razor shell. Crabs. There are common  
 shore crabs and further out edible    
 crabs on our beach. Cuttlefish. They  
 belong to the mollusc family,and are  
 hard outside and soft inside.Cuttle-  
 fish lay their eggs on seaweed and    
 they look like bunches of grapes.We   
 like to give them to our budgerigars. 

Map of the area

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