Resident birds in this area are       
 numerous.Apart from the more common   
 birds they include the kestrel,wren,  
 barn owl,tawny owl,chaffinch,hedge    
 sparrow,green finch,pheasant and green
   In Winter Brent geese visit the     
 area.They breed in the Artic and      
 winter here.They are a problem to     
 farmers as they eat the Winter planted
 wheat and cannot be shot because they 
 are a protected species.              
   Oyster catchers feed on the school  
 field during the Winter,their long    
 beaks probing into the ground to find 
 juicy morsels.                        
   Blackheaded Gulls and Lapwings flock
 together for all to see,and in bad    
 weather Field Fares and Redwings      
 feed also.                            

Map of the area

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