There is only one school and that is
 Fishbourne Church of England          
 School .It is a primary school and    
 teaches children until they are       
 eleven.There are about 120 children   
 and five teachers in this school.It is
 situated next to the remains of a     
 Roman Palace.Mrs.Archer is our        
 headmistress and has been here for 21 
 years.We have after school            
 activities.We have four               
 St.Dunstan and St.Wilfrid (local      
 saints) which we split into for       
 competitions.Secondary education is   
 either at Chichester High School or   
 Bishop Luffa C.E.School.Many of the   
 children a long way to school,although
 they could go to a much nearer local  

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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