When we moved to Fishbourne about ten 
 years ago a lot of new houses were    
 being built which meant lots of       
 children were able to play on the     
 road.But since then, things have      
 changed and we get complaints about   
 being noisy.But the only place we can 
 play is the playing field. But alot of
 children are not allowed to go        
 there,and the farmers have closed off 
 their fields.There is one place where 
 we could play which is The Creek but  
 with the  A27 which you have to cross,
 a lot of children are not allowed to  
 go there.Fishbourne is becoming  a    
 retirment area now.But the children   
 who live there still have quite a lot 
 of fun and  during our childhood  we  
 would not like to move away.          

Map of the area

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