1986 Farming around Itchenor

 Farmland bounded by Chichester Harbour
 to the N. & W. and to the S. amounting
 to roughly 600 acres, belongs to      
 Itchenor Park. The soil in this area  
 is mainly heavy clay, unsuitable for  
 barley, though some is grown, the main
 crops being wheat, peas, kale and     
 grass. Some of the grass is used for  
 grazing, the remainder to silage and  
 hay. Until recently Itchenor Park     
 retained a dairy herd but now only    
 graze a small herd of cattle. Due to  
 mechanisation they now only employ 8  
 people including office staff.        
  Other farms in the area also grow    
 wheat and barley, with some fields    
 given to grazing sheep, cattle and    
  The farmlands of the southern tip of 
 Thorney Islands are planted with      
 cereal crops with some grassland.     

Map of the area

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