1986 Attitudes in W.Itchenor

  The general opinion is that Itchenor 
 is a desirable place in which to live,
 though lacking in amenities such as a 
 daily bus service. There are no       
 shopping facilities as the shop with  
 sub-post office closed down some years
 ago, the nearest one being at Birdham,
 also the nearest medical centre is at 
 East Wittering.                       
  Recently Itchenor villagers protested
 about plans to renew the roof of a    
 local boat store. Whilst agreeing that
 the store needs repairing it was felt 
 that care had to be taken not to      
 intrude on the harmonious setting of  
 the village.                          
  The residents of Itchenor are        
 generally supportive and eager to help
 in the many fund raising events for   
 charities in the area.                

Map of the area

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