1986 Ecology

 There are many unspoilt areas around  
 Longwick, ranging from one old meadow 
 that lies untouched from year to year,
 save for the grazing of cows, to a    
 quiet corner where badgers live.      
 Foxes sometimes rear their young on   
 the railway embankment, and hundreds  
 of rabbits leave their traces there.  
 Hares, stoats and weasles have been   
 seen, also a variety of snakes and    
 many frogs.  This is a fairly wet     
 low-lying area, so water fowl are     
 common, such as moor-hens and coots.  
 The rich bird life includes magpies,  
 herons, jays thrushes, swallows all   
 kinds of tits and finches, yellow     
 hammers, pied wagtails, yellow        
 wagtails, green woodpeckers, rock     
 doves and ring pigeons, pheasants and 

Map of the area

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