1986 Rose Farm

 Rose Farm, one of the best in the     
 area, has a total acreage of 662.62   
 acres, 211.79 of which are in the area
 under consideration.  Crops grown are 
 wheat, winter barley, linseed, oats,  
 potatoes.  There is a herd of beef    
 cattle, Freisian cross Hereford       
 steers, varying between 12 and 200    
 depending on the time of year, and    
 also sheep.  The farmer's wife breeds 
 ducks, quail, bantams and geese.  The 
 farm is run by two men, a part-time   
 secretary, and an old odd job man, and
 has been owned by the same family for 
 over 80 years.  Some deciduous trees  
 are grown for sale as saplings, and   
 there is an orchard and garden for    
 household use.  The machinery consists
 of dryers, a combine harvester,       
 tractors and silage equipment. A small
 engineering workshop is run from one  
 of the barns.                         

Map of the area

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