The farm is now fairly mechanised,    
 needing only a handful of people.     
 Rabbits are a big problem and have to 
 be kept down. There is some opposition
 to fox hunting as horses damage the   
 farm, but there is not much hunting   
 due to conservationists. The farmer   
 owned 217 acres of arable land. The   
 only rotated crop is Oilseed Rape. The
 other crops were beans and wheat.     
 Artificial fertilisers are widely     
 used. Machine prices have risen and   
 grain prices have dropped, due to     
 surplus. Most farmers think that      
 surplus are prudent but should not    
 be given to other countries, such as  
 Russia. The farmers do not generally  
 pull up hedges as there is no need.   
 This Conservative area mostly agrees  
 with the Common Market, but people    
 have mixed feelings about quotas,     
 especially on the larger farms.       

Map of the area

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