The local school in South Croxton    
 closed around about 1965. When Mr     
 Elliot had first moved to the village 
 there were 20 children in the school  
 from the age of 5 to 14.              
  Another major change in the village  
 is the role of the public house, the  
 Golden Fleece. This used to be        
 strictly used by local residents only 
 but now people travel by car from far 
 and wide to visit the country pub. The
 pub used to serve mild beer from      
 wooden barrels, but now it serves     
 mainly bitter.                        
  Two changes in the village which Mr  
 Elliot wholeheartedly is in favour of 
 are the introduction of electricity in
 1934, and piped water in 1960.        

Map of the area

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