1986 Nettlebed Church

 The old church which was knocked down 
in 1845 held only 120 people.The one   
that is standing now was built in      
1845-46 and the seating was increased  
to 320.There are now 6 bells that      
replaced the old 3 bells.They had King 
George the second coat of arms but they
gave that to the Bull Inn which is just
down the road.There is an organ on the 
second floor at the back.There are     
stained glass windows on the north,east
and some on the west side.The ones on  
the north side are the most colourful. 
The font is at the south-east corner.  
The altar has 2 candles and a cross.   
Behind the altar there is a small door 
about 3 feet high.Beside the altar     
there is a chair that only the bishop  
can sit on.                            

Map of the area

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