Cowplain is part of the Borough of    
 Havant & Waterloo & is an extensive   
 modern residential area focusing on   
 the A3.Recent housing neighbourhoods  
 have grown up catering for a wide     
 range of income groups.Among these are
 the Berg, Hazelton & Wecock Estates & 
 some slightly earlier centres like    
 Lovedean & Padnell.   Horndean is part
 of the East Hants Rural Dist. & is a  
 village on the A3 of some antiquity.  
 Both areas have low order shopping    
 centres & tend to act as dormitory    
 areas for workers commuting to        
 Portsmouth,Havant & Waterlooville.    
 The small village of Blendworth is    
 also included.Some 20 000 people live 
 within the block & attractive farmland
 with some woodland skirt the edges of 
 the block on all sides except the     
 south where similar urban development 
 extends to Waterlooville.             

Map of the area

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