Leigh Park House is no longer         
 there,but the gardens are open to the 
 public and house a collection of      
 animals.There is also a farm trail    
 laid out to follow.                   
      It costs 75p for adults and 35p  
 for children (and old aged pensioners)
 to go in.                             
     There are peacocks which walk     
 around loose,but the other animals are
 fenced in.They have pigs,horses,      
 reindeers and many other animals      
     There is a barn which has old     
 fashion cars and an old mangle in it. 
     After you have walked round there 
 is a park to visit,and you can buy    
 sweets,or tea,coffee and fizzy drinks 
 for your refreshment.                 
          by Christopher Gateby        

Map of the area

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