1986 Laura's day(8yr),Austerfield

 Morning!I leap out of bed,wash,have my
 breakfast and dress in my school      
 uniform.Dad feeds our dog,Cindy.I have
 a horse too,Hamish,but he eats grass. 
 Daddy drives me the 7 miles to school 
 in Doncaster.The day starts with      
 Maths.During break I play tennis or   
 with the balls and ropes,and my       
 friends.The morning speeds by and it  
 is soon lunch time.My favourite is    
 jacket potatoes followed by treacle   
 sponge and custard.Another break      
 follows,then back to lessons,Art on   
 Monday,ballet on Thursday!3.50 is home
 time.Homework must be done on         
 Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays.      
 Brownies is on Wednesday too.Sometimes
 ballet follows school on Mondays.My   
 spare time is spent riding and        
 grooming Hamish or watching           
 television.Bedtime is 8.30 but I don't
 always go straight to sleep!!         

Map of the area

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