1986 Primary school sport

Our school has a lot of sports clubs.  
Although it is the beginning of the    
term we have already played in two     
matches.It is not really important who 
wins,like it seems to be when adults   
play in their teams,we play for the fun
and enjoyment of being together.We do  
not get upset if our teams in football 
or netball do not win.                 
I live in Hollowell and in the morning 
all the boys play football on a tarmac 
pitch whilst they wait for the school  
bus to arrive.                         
Our school goes swimming in Northampton
every Thursday.There are swimming      
badges called Aquanaut's to get.We also
have a gymnastics club where we have   
different certificates for different   
grades and when you have passed all the
certificates you can go onto sports    
acrobatics awards which need people to 
work in pairs.                         

Map of the area

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