1986 Guilsborough County School

Guilsborough County School, situated in
West Haddon Road, was opened in 1958.  
It is brick built,partly faced with    
stone from the demolished Guilsborough 
Hall. Headmaster, Mr.I.Forrest, has a  
staff of 80 and 3 Deputies for the 1250
pupils of all abilities ranging in age 
from 11-18yrs. All but 40 pupils arrive
on buses from the catchment area served
by the Primary Schools of Guilsborough,
East and West Haddon, Long Buckby,     
Welford, Crick, Yelvertoft, Spratton,  
Creaton, Naseby and Clipston. About 600
School dinners are served daily on a   
cafeteria system.                      
There are 3 caretakers and 20 cleaners.
After school the building is used for  
Sports Practices and Adult Evening     
Classes.Subjects taught include:-      
Maths, English, French,Spanish,        
Physics, Chemistry, Biology,History,   
Geography,P.E,Craft and Tecnology.     

Map of the area

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