1986 Pets as friends

I have two pets,one is a guinea pig,he 
is white with red eyes - an albino. We 
got him from a friend who owned his    
mother,he now lives with our rabbit.   
We have an old hen run in the garden   
which we let them run about in.Their   
food consists of dandelion leaves,     
carrots,cabbage and lettuce.I feed them
every day before I go to school.       
My other pet is a cat called Sammy,he  
is black with yellow eyes. His tail is 
big and fluffy and he always seems to  
be making some kind of noise,either    
purring or miaowing. Sometimes he jumps
on the table whilst we are eating our  
meal,he always seems to be hungry.We   
feed him every night on tinned cat food
and fresh milk.                        

Map of the area

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