1986 Children's building toys

Lego is a very popular constructional  
toy.It consists of little bricks,of    
various colours,shapes and sizes,and   
many other interconnecting pieces,with 
which to make models. In Denmark there 
is a Legoland which has large models   
some of them being lifesize.           
I have quite a bit of Lego,and some of 
it is the technical variety.The latter 
has special bricks which can take cogs 
and gears. With this type of lego you  
can make gears work,gears are small    
cogs and big cogs joined together in a 
mechanical way.                        
With lego you always receive sets of   
instructions,but the best thing about  
it is that you can make things that the
instructions do not show and often     
these can be quite good.               

Map of the area

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