1986 Pets at school in Guilsboro'

I have a friend called Richard Darker  
who looks after the County School zoo. 
I go up and help by feeding the        
animals. They have Gerbils, Rabbits,   
Hens, Ducks, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Quails 
and an orangey-pink Hamster.The        
gerbils  have plastic cages with water 
and rabbit food to eat.They are white  
and brown. There are fifteen rabbits.  
Twelve are babies. There are two black 
and ten brown.With the hen food we     
have to put grit for the eggshells     
which will be laid. There are seven    
hens. They have a little house to lay  
the eggs in.They have two Ducks. One   
is blind.They have Chicken food and    
water mixed together to eat.The mice   
have very sharp teeth as I found out.  
They have rabbit food and water to     
eat, and they are very fast.The        
orangey - pink hamster is called Oscar.
He eats rabbit food .                  

Map of the area

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