1986 Home Life in Guilsborough

At home we have a cooker - a sort of   
electric machine that heats the food we
eat.First you put the food in a utensil
such as a saucepan -a tub with a handle
 - and set it on one of the heated     
rings. Next you turn a knob which times
the cooking for a number of minutes.   
You wait for that time and take the    
saucepan off.                          
My family lives with me,there is Ruth -
my sister,Gillian - my mother,and Bill 
- my dad. My sister is older than me,  
she has long brown hair and grey/blue  
eyes,she is very pretty. My mother has 
brown hair and so has my dad.Mum has   
blue eyes and dad has grey eyes.       
We have a television,a machine that    
shows sattelite pictures,on this I     
watch my favourite programme on B.B.C. 
called 'Top of the Pops,' my favourite 
group is Banarnarama.                  

Map of the area

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