1986 The People Of Denmead.

  An accurate estimation of the total  
 population of our area is impossible  
 at this time because many new houses  
 are being built in Denmead and because
 our area includes a part of the large 
 town of Waterlooville.                
  For the purpose of this survey we    
 must divide our area into 3 parts -   
 Old Denmead,this includes most of our 
 area; New Denmead, which is the       
 south-east part of the village and the
 new housing developments; and Wecock, 
 this is the part of the nearby town   
 that falls into our area.             
  We can see certain patterns from the 
 statistics that we have gathered. The 
 average age of the people is getting  
 younger and the people that live in   
 our area are in a relatively high     
 social class. Most of the people who  
 live here were born in Britain. Most  
 households belong to married couples. 

Map of the area

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