PIT FACTS AND FIGURES: Each of the 3  
 faces has 2 coal_cutting machines.    
 Each face is about 200m long. One     
 machine cuts 180m, the other cuts     
 the rest and the roadway. Also a chock
 is installed at the faces. A 6 legged 
 chock holds up 240 tonnes. Discs take 
 coal from the face. Coal from the face
 goes on an armoured conveyor belt.    
 Before the strike of 1984/85, the pit 
 cuts approximately 24,000 tonnes a    
 week. Now, in June 1985, the output is
 18,000 tonnes a week. Most of the coal
 goes to power stations. There are 2   
 seams in this coalfield stretching    
 from Bentley, near Doncaster, to      
 Cleethorpes. The pit has 1,550        
 employees. This is a training pit for 
 the whole of the Doncaster area and   
 has a training tunnel.                

Map of the area

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