Markham Main Colliery is Armthorpe's 
 main form of industry and employment. 
 PIT HISTORY: The sinking of the shafts
 started on May 6th, 1916,and work     
 stopped on August 24th because of war.
 It restarted on May 21st, 1922. The 2 
 shafts are 5.18m in diameter. No. 1,  
 the intake shaft, is 865.2m deep, but 
 is only wound from 700.43m. No.2 is   
 683.97m deep and winds from 663.85m.  
 Cages were installed in No.2 shaft, in
 March 1924, and in No.1 shaft a year  
 later. The tubs which brought up coal 
 held 15cwt. The 2 decks of the cage   
 had 2 tubs each. Nowadays, 2 skips are
 used, each holding 6 tonnes.          
 PIT PROBLEMS: The Coal Board doesn't  
 get trouble from farmers who object to
 loss of land for spoil heaps, because 
 of compulsory purchase orders. Methane
 pockets are another problem causing   
 the end of the tunnel to collapse.    

Map of the area

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