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1986 Daily Life for a 12yr. Old.

        On Going to Sponne School.     
I'd said Goodbye' to Blakesley School,
Now I had to go to Sponne.             
I was frightened I'd be teased perhaps 
Or maybe put upon.                     
I'd liked the village school,          
But now Goodbye' to Blakesley.        
The lessons would be harder though     
And homework with Maths and History!   
In fact I like this school a lot,      
But I don't like the bus               
Or the way I have to tie a tie         
And because my mum makes a fuss.       
She makes me get up early              
And wash behind my ears.               
But I'm at Sponne in 85-               
And I'll be here for years.            

Map of the area

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