The Chinchilla is a small timid animal
 with a small bushy tail.They live in  
 the Andes mountains in South America. 
 They are nearly extinct in the wild   
 but there are a few breeders dotted   
 round the world.There is a Chinchilla 
 Ranch just down the road from our     
 school.It is run by Mr & Mrs Sweeney. 
 They breed lots of Chinchilla's.They  
 have 3 units.One for keeping the      
 familes in,another for making cages   
 etc and for keeping the ones that are 
 going to be sold and the show animals 
 in.Mr & Mrs Sweeney take there        
 Chinchilla's to pet shows and have won
 many times because they breed many    
 champions.There are many different    
 colours of Chinchilla grey,beige,brown
 white and black.Mr.Sweeney has just   
 bred a pure black one.They are kept in
 wire cages with little boxes for the  
 chinchillas to bath in.               

Map of the area

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