There are 67 beds and 3 in intensive  
 care.There are 40 full time nurses.   
 Bank nurses are used when the hospital
 is busy.A full time doctor works 24   
 hours a day.There are 70 ancillary    
 staff.The hospital opened on 2nd May  
 1983.It covers 4500 square metres.    
 Every bedroom has a radio and a T.V.  
 A film is shown on the television     
 everyday.They have a 'nurse call'     
 system.A patient can call the nurse   
 when they need anything.Food is cooked
 on the premises.It costs £125.00 per  
 day plus xrays and tests are charged  
 seperately.The hospital is not always 
 full.In summer the number of patients 
 goes down because alot of people are  
 on holiday.People come here from all  
 over the world,but mostly within 30   
 mile radius. A lady comes around each 
 day with a trolley selling everyday   

Map of the area

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