We have a country park by our         
 school.It is part of Sherwood Forest. 
 In the park there are spots for       
 walking,resting etc.Many of these     
 spots are surrounded by trees,plants  
 etc.We often run in the park.It is a  
 popular spot at weekends.There is a   
 pond with frogs and tadpoles.For      
 adults there is a pub just over       
 looking a cricket field,with swings   
 for the children.In the autumn when   
 the pond dries the children go across 
 to the islands where there are trees  
 for climbing.Some of the trees are old
 but quite strong.In the spring there  
 are bluebells,daffodils and bulbs.In  
 the summer there are Rhodedendrons,the
 blossoms are out.In autumn the trees  
 are colours of brown,gold,yellow      
 etc.In winter the park is covered in  
 snow.People go there to               
 snowball,sledge etc.                  

Map of the area

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