The pub is just off the Burntstump    
 hill.With its  old fashioned looks it 
 attracts many customers.It was built  
 in 1856 and it was first used as a    
 house,but in 1977 it opened as a      
 pub.It is a very popular spot with    
 5-600 customers a day.The most popular
 drink is Bitter at 75p a pint from the
 Mansfield brewery.The most popular    
 night is Saturday,but often there are 
 fancy dress nights eg.tarts and       
 vicars,wild west,and tramp evenings.  
 There is also a restaurant with 42    
 meals on the menu each day.The chef is
 called Vince Bramhall and it takes him
 only 1.5 hrs. to make a Sunday dinner 
 with all the trimmings.The Burntstump 
 has its own special soup made         
 traditionally with meat,veg,herbs and 
 a thickening stock.The pub has many   
 future plans like a new family        
 room,refurbishing and a play area.    

Map of the area

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