There are different farms in our      
 and arable .My dad deals mostly  with 
  sheep and a few cattle. The sheep    
  feed on hay,corn,swede and kale etc, 
 as a substitute for grass.In summer   
 they are fed on grass.The sheep are   
 dipped annualy to protect them from   
 diseases and mites.They also must be  
 clipped in May and June so they are   
 not hot in summer.Most lambs are born 
 inside and kept in side.Another event 
 on the farm is  haymaking. The hay    
 must be cut when it is ripe.First it  
 is cut down in rows.Then when it is   
 dry it is wuffled.Wuffled means that a
 machine turns it over so that the     
 other side can dry.When it is dry the 
 bailer picks up the hay. The hay is   
 then tied up with string into bails.  
 These come out,fall on the ground and 
 are stacked into piles on the trailer.

Map of the area

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