1986 Shireoaks/Steetley Colliery

 Over one hundred years after being    
 sunk a £12 million reconstruction     
 scheme has made this colliery one of  
 the most productive and profitable in 
 the country. Production is now almost 
 back to normal after the year long    
 national strike which ended last      
 February. Annual output is expected by
 NCB to be over 600,000 tonnes,or 2,000
 tonnes a day, making the colliery one 
 of the largest producers in the NCB   
 South Yorkshire Area. Coal stocks are 
 expected to last for another 20-25    
 years providing jobs for 896 miners.  
 The colliery's biggest customer is the
 CEGB. Coal travels to a new computer  
 controlled preparation plant and then 
 to a rapid loading bunker alongside   
 the colliery before being sent to the 
 power stations of West Burton and     
 Cottam. The village skyline is far    
 different to 110 years ago.           

Map of the area

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