2011 Collecting for the 2011 Census

In the Spring I worked several weeks as a Collector for the 2011 National Census. We are sworn to secrecy, so although there were some very amusing incidents, I cannot reveal specific details. The vast majority of people I met were polite and pleasant. In many instances, when people were aggressive towards me, it turned out they struggled to read or write. When I offered to work with them, they calmed down, and we completed the form together. I’d certainly do the job again in 10 years’ time.

David Heathcote


Map of the area

What is Domesday?

In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations. A million volunteers took part…  read more here

In 2011 the BBC published the survey online and for six months invited updates to the photographs and text to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

Shortly afterwards the website was added to The National Archives’ UK Government Web Archive.

If you are reading this via UK Government Web Archive, then the original Domesday search function and contact form will not work. This is a consequence of the archiving process. See Using Domesday for more details.