There is still a surprisingly large   
 amount of farmland around the town,   
 the vast majority of it being crops   
 other than grass.The main crops grown 
 include barley, oats, wheat and rape. 
 There is a small                      
 amount of grass grown for silage.There
 are no herds of cattle or flocks of   
 sheep just poultry. Vegetable crops   
 (potatoes,peas,cabbage etc.)          
 are grown for re-sale and root crops  
 such  as sugar beet are to be found.  
 Some farms are privately owned whilst 
 others are part of larger combines.   
 The machinery used on the farms is    
 very modern with the smaller farms    
 using hired harvesting equipment.All  
 local farmers have complained about   
 EEC quotas and guidelines.            

Map of the area

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