Most people thought that unemployment 
 is the biggest national issue with the
 miners' strike second. Local issues   
 mentioned most often were the miners' 
 strike, the new by-pass and lack of   
 job opportunities.  Over 75% thought  
 Hucknall a pleasant place to live in, 
 but most would like to see better     
 shops with free car parking, the new  
 by-pass and more organised leisure.   
 3/4 do the majority of their shopping 
 locally. Younger people have a lower  
 opinion of the young, with older      
 people being more tolerant. Many felt 
 lack of discipline and respect for    
 others might be due to TV. Solutions  
 offered were more jobs and possibly   
 National Service. Locally the loss of 
 Hucknall U.D.C. and the miners' strike
 were more important.                  

Map of the area

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