I wake up at 7.30 am. I lie quiet in  
 my bed untill 8 0 clock.I go down     
 stairs and make a cup of tea. After   
 that I get back into bed untill 9.30  
 by that time my mum is up. I get      
 dressed and I go into the bathroom for
 a wash about 10.15 I go down stairs   
 for my breakfast I play with my friend
 Sarah untill dinner time about 1.15   
 I have my dinner. After I have had my 
 dinner I play in the garden while my  
 mum washes up. Then after my mum has  
 finshed washing up we go out to places
 like Trent Bridge Holme pierpont and  
 Newstead Abbey.When we come home I    
 watch the video till tea time. After  
 tea time which is about 7.30 I go up  
 stairs and read a book. About 8.30 I  
 get ready for bed then I stay up till 
 10.0 clock. Then I go up stairs and   
 I get into bed and go to sleep .      

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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