2011 Leisure Centres in Bestwood

In 2011, we (the children of Glade Hill Primary School) counted the number of Leisure Centres there were to see how many there were in Bestwood. Can you guess???? Only 1! It's called Southglade Leisure Centre. It's right next to Southglade Primary School.

You can do: swimming, gym, football and exercise classes, all at Southglade Leisure Centre. And if you go down the drive, there's a park. There also tennis courts!!!!

Also, if you have a Citycard, you get discount. You get discount off gym, swimming and exercise classes.

If you want to read a book, then Southglade also has a library. At different Leisure facilities, you have lots to do.

We did a survey and class 6 chose the favourites out of: Football, swimming, basketball, cricket, gym, dancing and golf but, football won, 5 people voted for football.

We did a couple of other surveys with other classes and added them all together the winner, again, was football, 16 people voted for football!!!! In second place was ice skating, 12 people voted for them.

The parks in Bestwood are: The Ridge, Queens Bower road (also known as Bullyfield), Southglade Park, Chedisen and Moswood.

Bestwood Country Park holds a lot of events and activities including: health walks, hedgelaying courses, crafts and children's activities.

By Koren

Class 6 from Glade Hill


Map of the area

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