2011 Fashion In 2011

Fashion In 2011

Over the years fashion trends have changed a lot. From big, dull shoulder pads, to bright orange dresses. Floral dresses are all in this year just like they were in 1986!

Many 1980's clothing has bounced back to life in 2011 like: the laced up boots and the long, flowing skirts. Checked shirts and black leggings are great for a normal day out.

Whereas, maxi dresses and high wedges or roman sandals are perfect for a lazy day in the sun!

Stripes, which will look so cool this summer, should definitely be worn but don't go too far, you don't want to look like a zebra!

And you can get these looks from any clothing store such as; Primark (Voted the most popular shop at Glade Hill Primary School), Next (The 2nd most popular) and ASDA George (The 3rd most popular). The most popular shop in the 1980's was Banana Republic.

Many girls have brought the 1980's hairstyles back in! The bun has been around for ages and there are now more than one style for you to wear the bun: Messy bun, twirled bun, neat bun and plaited bun. (I'd wear them all.)

Fringes. Front fringe and side fringe.

What a great way to wear your hair. You can have it scraped back, left down or pushed back in a twist.

Many boys are rocking side fringes too. Like Justin Bieber and Dylan spouse. Spiky hair will look cool too.

Boys tend to go for the formal look but checked shirts, hoodies and air pumps look fab!

All sorts of make-up are used everyday! Foundation is probably used the most. It can help your skin look however you want it to. Skin tone is also used a lot. Eye shadow and lip gloss is perfect! My fave is a little bit of eye shadow (obviously a colour that matches your outfit), mascara and lip gloss.

Nail varnish is the best! It can really make your nails stand out. You can have a simple colour or white at the tip of your nail. Maybe you want to go extra and add some patterns with nail art. Try the new cracked nail varnish it's awesome. Put a layer of normal varnish on then add the cracked and it can make it look like you have leopard print, zebra stripes or rainbow!

Uniforms are part of fashion (even though they are sometimes dull and boring). Back in the 1980's uniforms were high knee socks, grey or black trousers and a grey/black/green jumper. Now uniforms are practically the same except the cardigans/jumpers are mainly black, red or burgundy.

Now you have learned the fashions of 2011 compared to the 1980's. I hope you try some!

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