2011 Schools in Bestwood

There are many schools in Bestwood such as: Glade Hill, Southglade, Arnbrook, Robin Hood, St. Margaret Clitheroe and Westglade. But the school I go to is Glade Hill and it has 235 children in it but compared to other schools it is quiet a small school because there are 350 children in Southglade and 444 children in Robin Hood!

The teachers at my school are:
Foundation 1: Mrs Beet and Mrs Michel. Foundation 1 has 48 children.
Foundation 2: Mrs Man and Mrs Tilston. Foundation 2 has 28 children.
Class 1: Mrs Rowe. Class 1 has 27 children
Class 2: Mrs Selby and Mrs Bailey. Class 2 has 30 children
Class J: Mrs Joubert. Class 3 has 25 children
Class L: Miss Lee. Class 4 has 22 children
Class 5: Miss Clayton. Class 5 has 27 children and
Class 6: Miss Gibson who is my class teacher. Class 6 has 28 children.

Glade Hill has been on many fantastic trips like Oaklands manor, Ice skating, Trampolining at Bigwood, Basketball tournaments, Cinemas and lots more. Also, children decide to do after school clubs such as: Football, Music, French, Big band, which is like music, Nature Bugs, Basketball. During the day we also do Choir, ICT, Campus Rangers, Pupil Council and Green Team.

When you get into year 6 every year you have to do S.A.T.S they are very important because the levels go up into your secondary school.

By Stephanie

Class 6 from Glade Hill


Map of the area

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